Safety - our number one priority

Safety is one of Hupac’s major priorities. The company aims at carrying out a safe and reliable transportation system, ensuring maximum safety in all its fields of activity.


Safety objectives

Our main safety objectives relate to the prevention of accidents in terminals and on the railway lines, the integrity of load units and smooth operation of the wagon fleet.


Compliance with legislation

Hupac conforms to the statutory safety provisions; if necessary, the company voluntarily implements additional measures.


Active management

Hupac makes available the instruments, resources and processes needed to guarantee an adequate system for safety management.


Focus on prevention

Hupac supports every initiative aimed at preventing safety-relevant disruptions or accidents.


Adequate training

Hupac's employees are adequately trained allowing them to perform their functions conscientiously and responsibly.


Dangerous goods

Hupac has put in place a centralised service specifically dedicated to this kind of transport, headed by a Dangerous Goods compliance advisor, appointed and trained according to the provisions of Directive 96/35/CE. 


Monitoring and improvement

Hupac regularly verifies the safety level in the company to identify any shortcomings and intervening in critical situations. Monitoring and controlling provide the basis for the continuous improvement process.



Safety is the result of teamwork involving collaborators, partners, customers and supervisory authorities. Hupac promotes an open, constructive dialog and supports awareness and motivation of all individuals, with the objective of creating an effective safety culture.


Traffic ban in Denmark: alternative solutions for intermodal transport

On 22 January 2021 the Danish Safety Authority has banned the circulation of semitrailers on pocket wagons on the Danish railway network. The trigger for this decision was the report of a semi-trailer that was not correctly anchored in its pocket wagon while crossing the Storebælt Bridge by train.


The traffic ban has a validity of 14 days. Technical investigations are in progress.


In order to maintain the traffic in this difficult environment, Hupac foresees short term gateway solution to/from Taulov for containers and swap bodies as of week 4. If needed, alternative solutions for trailers with rerouting from/to Hamburg and other terminals close to the German-Danish border will be set up.


It is now crucial to fully understand the underlying reasons for the reported situation and to introduce appropriate measures. Hupac is available to support the European process of technical analysis and to share its know-how.


The Hupac Group has a fleet of about 3.400 pocket wagons and carries around 200.000 semitrailers per year. The current technology of fixing the semitrailer on the wagon is similar to the technology adopted for fixing the semitrailer on the truck. It is the result of decades of experience and can be considered as safe.