Preventive measures

Human resources management "No risk" 


In order to safeguard the health of our employees, we are taking a series of preventive measures which are additional to those foreseen by the competent authorities, in coordination with the occupational health service:

  • Devices for personal hygiene and disinfection
  • Spacing of the workstations to ensure the minimum recommended distance of 2 m, also with the installation of separation panels
  • Restricted access and/or closure of gathering places such as break rooms, conference rooms, dressing rooms
  • Thermosensors to measure the temperature of the employees working in the most frequented operating structures of the Group
  • Wide use of home office and tele-conferencing, where possible.


Terminal management "Contactless"


The objective is to reduce physical contacts between the people involved in terminal operations, by fully eliminating the need for contact or, where this is not possible, always maintaining the minimum recommended distance of 2 m between people. Terminal operations are carried out as follows:

  • Automatic check-in at the entrance gate
  • Digital transfer of transport documentation 
  • Regulated access to the counters keeping a safe distance between people 
  • Counter protection with glass
  • Frequent disinfection of surfaces
  • Loading and unloading of containers without direct interaction between people.

Contingency management "Ready for the challenge"


We think ahead and want to be prepared even if the situations gets critical:

  • In the unlikely case of a terminal shut-down, we have structural contingency-plan terminals in our network. In addition we are optioning availability of capacity and train-paths in further terminal infrastructures
  • We are organising back-ups with our railway suppliers
  • All Hupac Group departments are adopting a decentralised work organisation with large use of home office, in order to have a parallel organisation in case of shortcomes or shut-downs
  • We are highlighting the crucial importance of intermodal transport to public authorities. Letting goods travel by train over long distances with local distribution around the terminals, minimises the risk of further spreading of the virus. Rail freight and intermodal terminals should be recognised as a strategic asset and adequately protected: they contribute to the supply of goods that are vital for society, in a safe and sustainable manner.


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