West Europe - Area 1

The Netherlands, Germany Rhine/Main, Italy





Ludwigshafen KTL

Busto Arsizio-Gallarate

Ludwigshafen KTL

Novara CIM

Rotterdam Botlek

Busto Arsizio-Gallarate

Rotterdam RSC

Busto Arsizio-Gallarate

Rotterdam RSC                    


Rotterdam RSC                    

Ludwigshafen KTL

Rotterdam RSC                    

Mannheim Contargo

Rotterdam RSC


Rotterdam RSC                    

Novara CIM

Rotterdam RSC                    

Verona Q. Europa


Busto A.-Gallarate

More connections, higher frequency: all news at the Hupac Conference on 6 May

Hupac Conference at Transport Logistic online- Thursday, 6 May

Intermodal transport has proven to be a resilient, sustainable solution for logistics - especially during the ongoing pandemic. The perspective for the coming years is dynamic growth: intermodal transport is expected to substantially contribute to decarbonisation under the European Green Deal. 


The Hupac network moves over a million road consignments per year and offers clear benefits:

  • connected - all main destinations in Europe and up to Russia/China
  • smart - own assets and digital tools for intermodal chain visibility   
  • emission-free - future-oriented and committed to the EU Green Deal.



Transalpine via CH - full network for P400 semitrailers

Network Italy - going intermodal from north to south  

Network Pordenone - linking north-east Italy to the European intermodal network

Network Zeebrugge - adding service for UK & short sea

Network Singen - full offer for continental and maritime transport

Connecting the Baltic area - intermodal from Italy/Spain to Scandinavia

Network south-east Europe - more departures, new interlink with Italy/Spain

Maritime Logistics/ERS - network Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam



Michail Stahlhut, CEO Hupac Group

Bernd Decker, CEO ERS Railways

Alessandro Valenti, Shuttle Net West, Hupac Intermodal

David Aloia, Shuttle Net North-East, Hupac Intermodal

Renzo Capanni, Shuttle Net South-East, Hupac Intermodal


Prof. Wolfgang Stoelzle, Logistics Advisory Experts: "Combined transport in the light of the EU Green Deal"

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