Logtainer and Hupac join forces


New cooperation in maritime intermodal transport

Milan/Chiasso, 2.2.2021    To develop an intermodal network between the Ligurian ports, Switzerland and southern Germany: this is the aim of the cooperation agreement signed at the end of January 2021 between Logtainer and Hupac. Both operators will combine their respective strengths, to the benefit of an intercontinental market that is increasingly relying on "green" rail transport.

By sharing their experience in commercial and operational development, Logtainer and Hupac intend to integrate their networks, thus offering the intercontinental maritime market fast and reliable high-frequency solutions. The transport network will further enhance the Ligurian ports that will benefit from an increase in national and international connections, to the advantage of the economic chain involved.


The collaboration, in the expectations of Logtainer and Hupac, will produce an increase in interest in rail transport and contribute to the modal shift with environmentally sustainable transport from the Ligurian ports to the Po Valley and across the Alps to the important industrial clusters in Switzerland and southern Germany.


The completion of the construction works on the Italian rail network, including last-mile works in the ports as foreseen in the “Italia Veloce” plan, will allow a strong growth in rail traffic. "The agreement with Hupac", says Guido Nicolini, CEO of Logtainer, "will allow our customers and partners to develop and increase the traffic destined to the other side of the Alps that currently does not pass through Italian ports. Thanks to the synergy between Hupac and Logtainer, rail traffic will be intensified, meeting the needs of the market with significant environmental benefits in terms of CO2 savings".



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