Dangerous goods & waste

Safe transport

The combined transport of dangerous goods is a guarantee of safety and respect for the environment, an important role, in addition to the intermodal operator, also have the railway undertakins that with the professionalism of their service ensure that the transport arrives at its destination as planned. Another important aspect is the continuity of the process and modal shift policies for dangerous goods from road to rail.


Hupac has a central service dedicated to this type of transport, with a Dangerous Goods compliance advisor appointed and trained in accordance with Directive 96/35/EC, assisted by a competent team to support the various requests of customers, as well as the bodies responsible for control.

The service manages all the aspects that contribute to carry out the traffics in full safety, among which:


  • compliance with the requirements of the regulations ADR (road traffic), RID (rail traffic), IMDG (maritime traffic), waste transport
  • compliance with national provisions
  • provisions for customers and employees
  • contacts with the relevant offices
  • staff training
  • central database
  • coordination with group and/or partner terminals
  • support in case of irregularities/accidents.