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WOLF for terminals: Chiasso in pole position



THOS, the new terminal process management system based on WOLF, has been launched today. The first to use the new system are the colleagues of the Terminal Chiasso, who carry out all the works with the new software. 


The THOS Terminal Hupac Operating System supports employees in the various phases of terminal work:



  • unit delivery to terminal
  • train loading preparation
  • loading closure
  • printing of the waybill
  • train closure
  • train departure.



  • train arrival
  • availability and unloading of trains
  • unit collection by the customer.


The use of WOLF for terminal management is part of the digital renewal process of the Hupac Group. The new system, developed in-house by the IT department in Chiasso, will be gradually extended to all terminals of the Group. 


The main innovations

  • access via web from all devices
  • user-friendly design
  • train loading with drag & drop mode
  • display of the composition with wagons and units.