Terminal Aarau

The terminal is located close to Aarau railway station, in central-northern Switzerland. There are daily trains to Germany, Italy, Belgium and southern Switzerland.


The terminal represents an important hub for the import/export and domestic traffic, with an intersection opportunity with the single wagonload network Swiss Split.


UIC code of the rail connection point: 85 02136 0

General information


Surface area33,000 m2
Storage surface      1,200 m2
Mobile cranes3
Max. crane capacity40 t

Transported units

Container from 20' to 45'

Swap bodies


Terminal tractors


Transhipment tracks1 x 200 m
4 x 300 m
Max. capacity 5 train pairs per day
ServicesRefreshment room
Parking area


Terminal Aarau

Hupac Intermodal AG

Steinachermattweg 12

CH-5033 Buchs

Tel. +41 58 8558732




Regular opening times

Mo-Fr    06:00 - 19:30

Special opening times

24.12.2019 1/2 day until 12:00

25.12.2019 closed

26.12.2019 closed

31.12.2019 1/2 day until 12:00