Hupac maintains substantial minority shareholdings in various companies within the field of combined transport:


SBB Cargo International Ltd, Olten

Since the start of 2011, Hupac has held a minority interest of 25% in the Swiss carrier for international block-trains and combined transport on the North-South axis. The aim is to establish SBB Cargo International as a strong, lean freight railway by integrating logistical know-how from the private sector. This stimulates the market and creates additional incentives for modal shift. Cooperation with SBB Cargo International was successful. It was possible to expand transportation undertaken for Hupac. The existing quality problems have been recognised and are being addressed systematically.


Mercitalia Intermodal SpA, Milan

Since the 1970s, Hupac has maintained close collaboration with Cemat, the Italian combined operator, which was renamed as Mercitalia Intermodal at the start of 2018. At the end of the reporting year, Hupac's capital holding remained unchanged at 34.48%.


RAlpin Ltd, Olten

In conjunction with SBB, BLS and Trenitalia, Hupac is a partner of the company established in 2001 to operate combined transport through Switzerland. At the end of the year under review, its capital share remained unchanged at 33.11%. Hupac handles many tasks on behalf of RAlpin, such as customer service, dispatching and invoicing for the Rolling Highway on the Lötschberg and the Gotthard axis. In addition, Hupac performs agency services in the Lugano terminal and also in the Novara terminal through its subsidiary, Fidia. In the year under review, Hupac AG rented 425 low-loader wagons and 8 accompanying coaches to RAlpin.


Terminal Singen TSG GmbH, Singen

The joint venture company Terminal Singen TSG GmbH, which was established in 1999, operates the Singen terminal. Approximately 60 trains travel via this hub every week.


Combinant NV, Antwerp

Hupac holds a share of 35% in the Combinant NV terminal operator which was founded in 2009. The other partners are BASF and Hoyer. In the year under review, Hupac handled 70 trains per week via the Combinant terminal.


KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH, Ludwigshafen

Hupac has held a share of 15% in the operator of the Ludwigshafen combined transport terminal since 2005. In Hupac's network, the KTL acts as a central hub for the grouping of shipments between Germany, Italy, Belgium and Poland. Around 100 Hupac trains run via the hub each week.


DIT Duisburg Intermodal Terminal GmbH, Duisburg

The trimodal Duisburg Intermodal Terminal, in which Hupac has held a share of 10% since 2003, serves as an inland hub for the major North Sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. In the year under review, Hupac ran 30 trains per week via this terminal.


RSC Rail Service Center, Rotterdam

In December 2014, Hupac acquired a 16.33% interest in the RSC terminal in Rotterdam. With 105 weekly departures, the RSC terminal is the hub for Hupac’s Netherlands traffic.


CIS Cesar International Services Scarl, Brussels

Hupac is a founding partner of Cesar International Services, established in 2004, with a capital share of 25.1%. Various other combined transport operators also hold shares in the Brussels-based service company, which manages and develops the Cesar customer information system.


RTC Rail Terminal Chemelot, Geleen

Since spring 2018 Hupac has been represented in the owner consortium of RTC Rail Terminal Chemelot with a share of 40%. Hupac handles 18 departures per week via the RTC terminal.

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