Overcoming the Rastatt disruption: Hupac's market offer

Hupac has activated a number of measures with the aim of securing a basic transport offer to its customers. At present we are able to offer solutions for 60% of the normal transportation volume. We expect to rise this proportion to 70% over the next weeks due to the expected stabilisation of rail operations and the introduction of additional trains to overcome the Rastatt breakdown.

Rail diversions
A part of the trains that normally run via Rastatt are now diverted via Stuttgart/Singen and, to a smaller extent, via France and Austria. Diversions cover around 33% of the volumes that Hupac normally carries.

Barge service via Rhine
Hupac offers a barge connection between Worms and Ottmarsheim and/or Kleinhüningen near Basel. Shipments from Rotterdam, for example, can run to Worms with our newly introduced makeshift train. In Worms, the shipments are loaded on the Rhine barge that travels to Ottmarsheim and/or Kleinhüningen. The journey continues by truck to Basel, where the shipment can either continue their journey to Italy by rail or by road to various destinations in Switzerland. A multimodal solution that we are happy to offer to our customers in this emergency.

Additional departures south of Rastatt
We have quadruplicated our departures between Basel and Italy, comprising also solutions for P400 semitrailers. Departures from Singen are increased by 50%. Transport companies need to cover a longer road trip to these terminals south of Rastatt, but at least the transit via the Alps can safely be performed by rail.


Backup compositions help to keep up departures

The Hupac intermodal network is performed by a dedicated wagon fleet that foresees also back-up wagon compositions to be used whenever needed. They are located in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Köln, Ludwigshafen, Basel and Busto Arsizio and help to guarantee departures even with instable train operations.


The transport services are offered according to an extraordinary train schedule. All timetable information are purely indicative. Hupac is fully engaged to perform the requested transportation as fast as possible and to provide reliable tracking information. By handing over the loading units for transportation, customers confirm to accept and to agree with these terms.