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The Landbridge China business segment establishes connections between China and Hupac's European network. The focus is on sustainable growth.


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Connecting intermodal networks
Take advantage of Hupac’s extensive network in Europe, and perfectly integrated to all major destinations in China: the best way to connect networks.

Access to the heart of Europe
The direct train service from Malaszewicze/Brest to Duisburg takes you into the heart of the Hupac network. From here you can reach dozens of destinations all over Europe – ecofriendly by train.

Our dedicated teams in Shanghai and Switzerland arrange all logistics services you need, such as trucking, customs service, empty container handling and depot services.

Single container solutions
Even if it’s just one single container: we help you to build up your connections between China and Europe. Competitive transit time and prices can be offered especially for shipments from/to Italy, France, Spain, south Germany and Scandinavia.


Block train solutions
We run tailor made block trains for large transportation volumes. Get in touch with our staff for your trains between industrial areas in China and all destinations in Europe, in close cooperation with City Plaforms and CRCT.

We take you further
No boundaries for your shipments beyond China: we take you to neighbour countries like Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and offer domestic transportation services in China.

Expansion of China transport and strengthening of the Duisburg terminal area

Chiasso, 5 June 2019    The Swiss combined transport operator Hupac Intermodal and Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) are intensifying their cooperation to further develop climate-friendly combined transport. The focus will be on strengthening the Duisburg terminal area and cooperation for transport between Europe and China.

At the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich, Hupac as operator of one of the largest intermodal networks in Europe and duisport as the most important logistics hub in Central Europe agreed to further develop the Duisburg terminal area and thus create transhipment capacities for new intermodal connections. Hupac has a strong interest in further expanding its traffic in the Rhine/Ruhr region by using additional terminal capacities as a hub. By setting up a concept of virtual operation, the various terminal locations of duisport are to be efficiently networked.


Another priority is the improved connection of the western ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. This will strengthen the Port of Duisburg as a gateway for the onward transport of maritime freight within Europe.


In addition, Hupac and duisport will cooperate more closely to optimise their activities as part of the "Belt & Road" initiative. Both partners will jointly develop terminals along the Silk Road and work on solutions to reduce the journey times of Chinese trains.


„We see great potential in strengthening our decades of cooperation. The aim is to implement Switzerland's modal shift targets on the north-south axis, and to connect the Hupac network in central Europe to the transcontinental traffic flows on the east-west axis. To this end we are jointly building a pipeline, strengthening the Duisburg location and using the strength of the respective partner", says Michail Stahlhut, CEO of Hupac Intermodal.


And Erich Staake, CEO of duisport, says: "Through this cooperation, we are developing additional services for our customers and we are expanding our international network as a premium port and our position as the most important European hub in intra-European and international trade".

Hupac and Duisport intensify cooperation



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