The feeling of being a crane operator

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne

Thematic area "Combined Transport"



To mark the 50th anniversary of its founding, Hupac has provided the Swiss Museum of Transport with a special working exhibit. In partnership with crane manufacturer Hans Künz GmbH, SBB Cargo International and Swiss haulage companies, Hupac das developed a crane simulator that now features in the Rail Transport Hall. Sitting in a real-life cabin, visitors can transfer freight between road and rail and get a feel for what it’s like to be a crane operator. The exhibit also highlights the variety of transport units that hauliers have to contend with.

The accompanying exhibition explains what constitutes combined transport. Combined transport is essentially where freight is transported in standardised receptacles that do not change using modes of transport (rail, road, waterways) that do change. The exhibition also describes Switzerland’s transport policy in the area of transshipping transalpine freight from road to rail. Elsewhere, visitors learn about the infrastructure required for the transshipment of containers and the world of haulage and shipping companies.