Value added services on a high-performance intermodal network

Connecting Europe – non-stop on the rails
The Shuttle Net connects the major economic areas of Europe – from Scandinavia to southern Italy, from Spain to Russia, from Benelux to Romania. The shuttle trains carry all common loading units such as containers, tank containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers with intermodal equipment: fast, safe, eco-friendly, and year round.

New markets – from Europe to the Far East
Together with its partners, Hupac has established a performing network for shipments to Russia and the Far East. Via the Gadki hub, close to Poznan, we offer numerous destinations in the emerging markets of Russia, China and Korea.

Full service – flexible and dependable
Our customers book and deliver the goods – we do the rest: from train scheduling to capacity management, from traffic control to event management around the clock. Our proactive teams provide reliable updates on any disruptions and take action to maintain the services.

IT systems – strategic factor
With innovative systems to track shipments and exchange data we offer our customers a vital service to control the logistics and ensure fast and easy processes. Dangerous goods – in capable hands Hupac has a centralized service unit dedicated to hazardous goods transportation. It ensures compliance with specific regulations, staff training and coordination between the parties involved in order to handle all related issues.

Loading units – technical support
Customers who plan to design specific vehicles for combined transport can rely on the know-how of our engineers. On request, Hupac provides the codification of the vehicles, necessary for combined transport.